Microsoft has announced it will release a series of embedded Power BI Insight apps tailored to specific business functions beginning with a previous release for Sales Insights.

This is expected to include predictive lead scoring and relationship analytics. The latter will offer a relationship health score calculated from emails and content exchanged, and frequency and level of customer interactions brought together from Dynamics 365, email and social networks.

New App Platform Capabilities

The application platform that sits underneath Dynamics 365 sees a significant change with this release. For Dynamics 365 v9, the legacy XRM framework behind Dynamics is merged with an updated version of Microsoft’s Common Data Service (CDS).

This uses the same Dynamics code base and with backwards compatibility promised, there will be no obvious change, with existing Dynamics apps continuing to work without any modification.

However, beneath the surface it now means that the same platform that powers Dynamics 365 is also used by PowerApps, Office 365, Power BI and the Common Data Service – now renamed Common Data Service for Apps.

Whereas v1.0 of the CDS was a separate thing by bringing this in with the rich set of Dynamics platform capabilities, CDS for Apps sees a significant boost in functionality through server side logic, improved app building experiences and developer capabilities.